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June 29th, 2012

Nina Carla – Sexy Filipina Model

Nina Carla – Sexy Filipina Model

Name: Nina Carla
Birth Date: Sept 8, 1985
Hometown: San Francisco
Ethnicity: Filipina
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 108
Measurements: 32-23-35
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown

Nina Carla is a stunning Filipina Model that we discovered on myspace. The moment we looked at her pics we knew she was a Top Asian Model! Heres some info about her:

Nina Carla was born in the Philippines on September 08, 1985. Nina first came to America along with her brother to pursue education in US.

Her parents followed later after several years. She lived without her parents for some years in which allowed her to become very independent at a young age.

Nina graduated high school in Concord, Ca as an honor student. After high school, she immediately started to work full-time while attending college full time. She became involved in highly competitive sales associated jobs that ranged from cellular phone accounts to being certified in selling automobiles in companies such as Ford and Chevrolet.

She currently achieved her well deserving Bachelors of Arts Degree in the field of Psychology in which she plans to pursue even further.

Likes: She is an avid animal lover. She wants to be more involved in rescuing animals and finding them deserving homes.

She has a passion for dancing- studied classes ranging in styles from Belly dancing, Tahitian, and Showgirls. Her favorite pastime is watching movies such as drama, action, and specially comedy, her favorite.

Dislikes: Nina hates disrespectful people, putting people down, people channeling their energy towards negativity, and violence.

“I am an avid multitasker. I mostly do more than one thing at the same time. I like to keep myself extremely busy which allows me to stay on my toes at all times. I like to live a fast paced lifestyle- time is gold and indeed short so I intend to live my life packed with many exciting life experiences!”

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Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

Nina Carla Nina Carla Nina Carla

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11 Responses to “Nina Carla – Sexy Filipina Model”

  1. hi!
    U live in San Francisco..?
    U must be my guide in this big city!!!!:o)
    I am a frecnh guy lost !:)

    Happy holidays


  2. Happy will be your friend.

  3. Cary Simmons Says:
    March 27th, 2008 at 12:08 am

    you are a goddess!

  4. looking hot and sexy gurl
    hope u have a good time posing
    like ur boobies there big as hec gurl
    well email me with some of ur picture k

  5. definitely one of the hottest pinays here!

  6. hi nina really nice poses beautiful hair nice eyes great lips very nice bod where are we now in your room?

  7. you are really NAKED….I love making love with you

  8. You women are all very beautiful! Much continued success!

  9. grabee. i was there in bed with what i thought was my only wife!, but its good to know that i can rely on all women, even if they have husbands that fuck other girls on the side, even if their kids are all very bright and cute and always polite, even if the bullies, drug dealers, scam artists, jocks, abusers, stalkers, wanted felons, terrorists, divorcees, good guys, bad girls, bad guys, GOD…thank you i know this is all i dream about and i can’t understand the need for seperation from the misinformed but could i have my lambourghini now, plz! ahahahah, i know i know ‘wait till tomorrow’….’did u happen to like that skank that does weird things with society?’….plz protect them from all the malformaties and deprecation GOD, its just too easy for all these innocent people and cultures to fall into the trap of ‘GOD will fix ‘it”….let’s hope for more cool airline commercials with ThaiAir instead of having to watch subversive-occupational-hazards like ‘filipino’ product commercials with a dysfunctional wardrobe, bad lighting and a budget only good enough for the other ‘watchers’ to make sure that the bride gets her ‘just desserts’ while the unassuming pervert ‘husband’ watches his gay military buddies ass for the money ‘shot’…

  10. i love asian girls they are so hot

  11. asainassin Says:
    July 18th, 2012 at 4:05 am

    I miss the old Nina from high school (mt.Diablo)

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